Our own recipe, made from
100% sheep's milk

EST 2015

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Welcome to the world of Grillies Halloumi

Meet Grillies Halloumi cheese:

a modern twist on Mediterranean tradition

Made from just four ingredients, Grillies brings you the rich flavor of Halloumi cheese in a recipe that's simple, healthy, and 100% natural. Best of all, Grillies is an anytime-of-the-day cheese. Pour some honey on it for breakfast, grill it up on a burger for lunch, or skewer it onto a kebab for dinner. ​ Try it grilled, baked, fried, or fresh -​ you'll love it any way you have it!


Made from only 4 ingredients, all natural
Grillies Halloumi Standard Pack
Grillies Halloumi Burger Slices
Grillies Halloumi value Pack


Can be enjoyed grilled, fried, oven baked or fresh out of the box

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A young team of cheese-loving individuals with a shared passion for halloumi cheese decided that the best things in life are meant to be shared and enjoyed with others. In pace with the consumer’s needs and with respect to nature, the Grillies brand is born.

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