grilling cheeses

The newest addition to the Grillies product line, our Grilling Cheeses are an American adaptation of traditional Halloumi.

All natural, made in California from 100% cow’s milk with no artificial additives or preservatives. Once grilled, our Grilling Cheeses form a golden crust with a warm, gooey center. By comparison, our domestic cheeses are lower in salt and milder in flavor than Halloumi.

Additionally, our domestic cheeses are an excellent source of Calcium. Please use the consumer package for most recent nutritional information and ingredient list.

Available in original and spicy.

Cooking instructions: Cook at high heat 2-3 minutes each side.

Original grilling cheese - 8 oz.

An American Twist on a Mediterranean Favorite.

spicy grilling cheese - 8oz.

The jacked up version of the Grillies Original.