Grillies Garlic Bread


A twist on classic garlic bread, Grillies-style. Spread it, bake it, enjoy. Make an extra-large batch and pop it in the freezer for when your next craving hits - and trust us, it will.

Difficulty: Easy
  • 1 Loaf of Your Favorite Bread

  • 6.1 ozGrillies garlic butter

  • 6.6 ozgrated Grillies Halloumi Cheese

  • 3.3 ozRoom Temperature Butter

  • 1 clvMinced Garlic

  • 0.7 ozFinely Chopped Parsley

  1. Mix all ingredients well.

  2. Spread the garlic butter onto the bread. Grill or bake until the crust is golden brown.